Nexlinx offers immense opportunities to individuals, businesses, property owners as well as carriers to jointly offer services though partnership.At Nexlinx we believe in developing synergies to create lucrative opportunities for our company as well as ourpartners.

SAPP ( Satellite Access Partner )

SAPP is for carriers, entrepreneurs and businesses who have good domain knowledge of the satellite industry in Pakistan and can effectively sell Satellite based Internet solutions. The partners get preferred rates as well as discount on the equipment. SAPP is a lucrative opportunity for anyone who has the ability to sell Satellite based access to the corporate sector.

MTP ( Multi-tenant Partner )

If you own or manage a building in which multiple residents require Internet services, you could become our MTP and augment your monthly income, as well as become eligible to get free broadband access. MTP is generally for buildings with a minimum of 100 units; however, if you own or manage multiple buildings, the same model can be extended for all your buildings.

TSP ( Tower Share Partner )

The TSP program is for companies which already have a tower on their roof and fall in a zone where Nexlinx does not have adequate service . By allowing us to share your tower and providing electricity and cabinet space, you are eligible to broadband upgrades as well as free broadband access for your home. The TSP program is a sure way to reduce your broadband cost as well as become eligible for free broadband access at your home.

LAP ( Local Access Partner )

The LAP program is for access providers which have their own cable infrastructure and wish to lease their fiber infrastructure to Nexlinx for providing access to its clients. Nexlinx is continually expanding its footprint and LAP program allows the access providers to derive additional revenues without the hassle of marketing Internet and Data access to the potential clients directly.

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